Elementary School Profile
2016 - 2017

A Tradition of Excellence

The elementary grades of The King ’s Christian School serve students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Excellent academics integrated with a biblical worldview are provided by our Christian teachers in a comfortable, safe, and loving environment.

A Strong Foundation

Rigorous academics are taught through a variety of methods. Traditional instruction, incorporation of technology, and hands-on experimentation inspire students to perform at their highest potential and to become life-long learners.

Beyond the Common Core

Students at The King’s Christian School are challenged by our expectation of academic excellence. The curriculum is designed to challenge our students beyond the Common Core Standards, as adopted by the State of New Jersey. Students exceed national standardized test score averages every year.

A Biblical Worldview

Students participate in Bible classes daily and all subjects are taught with through a biblical worldview. This means that all subject matter is evaluated in light of God’s Word. Training a student with a biblical worldview gives them the tools for thriving in every area of life. Interpersonal relations, conflict resolution, and ethical decision-making are just a few areas that benefit from this type of training. Perhaps the most important facet of life that this training addresses is the student’s relationship with God. At The King’s Christian School, students are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. This trains a student for eternity.

Special Classes

In addition to core academic subject areas, students also participate in


Library Science

Physical Education

Beginning in fourth grade, students have the opportunity to learn a band instrument and participate in the band. Fifth and sixth grade students have the opportunity to participate in all of the Middle School sports, which include men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s softball, men’s baseball, men’s and women’s track, and men’s and women’s cross country.

Student Leadership

Fifth and sixth grade students are given leadership development opportunities such as serving as school safetys, caring for the flag, and acting as reading partners and field trip buddies to K-1 students.


The King's Christian School has a comprehensive written curriculum guide for all instructional areas. The school's philosophy is the foundation of the curriculum development. Curriculum committees and textbook selection committees develop, review, and update curriculum. The committees report their recommendations to the Leadership Team.

 Scope and Sequence -- Bible

 Scope and Sequence -- Math

 Scope and Sequence -- Language Arts/English


Nationally ranked achievement tests are administered to students grades K-6 each year. 


Our Elementary School is fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and Association of Christian Schools International. 


Updated: November 7, 2016

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