Little Knights Preschool


Little Knights Preschool

Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools


Free trial days are available at your convenience!

Free trial days are a great chance to see if you and your child are ready for preschool. 

Call Mimi Magill at 856-489-6720 ext. 228 to reserve your spot.


Our Purpose

The Little Knights Preschool's primary purpose is  to create an environment for three and four year olds in which each child can grow spiritually, physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally, and as a result of his or her first learning experience, begin to develop a sense of wonder, an enjoyment of learning, and a positive attitude toward school.

Spiritually, the goal of our ministry is to cultivate in every child a growing relationship with God who gives meaning and purpose to each child's life.

Individually, through acceptance, nurturing, encouragement and Christian role modeling, each child will be recognized as unique, special , and their intrinsic gifts will be enhanced.

Socially, as children come into contact with others outside their home environment, our emphasis will be on promoting love and respect for each other. 

Intellectually, our God centered education results in creative basic skills in reading readiness, language, math, science and basic Biblical Christianity. 


A Comprehensive Learning Experience


Special subject areas including physical education, music, art, and library, are taught by teachers certified in those subject areas.


Students receive computers instruction in the classroom.


Learning centers and directed instruction continue the appropriate development of cognitive and fine and gross motor skills. 


Classrooms are language and reading rich environments.


Creative art and play experiences are encouraged


Three-pronged curriculum include Bible, language arts, and math.


Physical development and age appropriate outdoor play take place in gym class and on our playground.


A variety of kinesthetic and experiential learning opportunities will be provided on campus, in chapels, at concerts, and on field trips throughout the school year.


Meet our Staff



Mrs. Jennifer Taylor

Preschool Director

Education: B. S. Gordon College
Experience: 3 yr. TKCS; 10 yrs. total
Church: Fellowship Alliance Chapel


Mrs. Kelsey McAlack

PreK 3 Teacher

Education: B.S. Cairn University
Experience: 2 yr. TKCS
Church: Easton Bible Church


Miss Darletha Carroll

Preschool Assistant

Experience: 31 yrs; 2 yr. TKCS
Church: Community Bible Deliverance Church


Times of Programs


Preschool half day: 8:10 am - 12:00 pm

Preschool full day:  8:10 am - 2:40 pm

***Extended Hours are available. See Tuition and Fees for details.***


The Preschool programs will be closed on all approved school holidays indicated on the school calendar.

Preschool is available from September through June as per the school calendar.

Click here for tuition and fees

Click here for a printable application


Updated:  August 30, 2018

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